きものドレスデザイナー 北川精美の美術館 広い世界の~~~ ~~~リメイク
きものドレスデザイナー 北川精美の美術館 広い世界の~~~ ~~~リメイク

Kimono, which has fascinated
people in the world,
is authentic without doubt.
My remade “KIMONO DRESS” is
still authentic like diamond.
My modernized works designed for matching
to real time, place and occasion
would be worn by people in the world.

If you are interested in my remade dress, please let me know “What is your question like price /size or comment ?”
through the contact page. Please refer the number of dress.

Fashion Show

Theme : An Invitation to Silk, From ties to Bonds
The Consulate General of Japan in New York, Official Residence …read more

Daily Wear

Daily Wear(5′14″)

Special Occasion

Special Occasion(3′29″)


The Future of KIMONO Exhibition “Concept Art” …read more

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“It all started with Princess Anne”
I love Kimono! Changed job from secretary to designer…read more

  • Textile & Garment designer in New York after FIT university
  • Chief designer in custom-made clothes salon
  • establishment of own “Atelier Binosei”・New York Events

“Transmission of Japanese heart”…read more

Latest Blog

Exciting company

I would prefer exciting persons to share the time. How about you ? First of all, I must be a person who can give an attractive time. Therefore, I always gather and select information for enjoying the conversation. “KIMONO re-couture dress” is also bringing the excitement to me as well as to you ! When… Read more »

Fashion Show 2019, next?

Looking back on the last Nov… it was safe ! Our fashion show for the 10th anniversary dated on Nov.4th 2019 in Osaka. The theme was the admiration of Japanese KIMONO color through OLYMPIC 5 colors. It mentioned “CONCEPT ART”, KIMONO (before) and KIMONO DRESS (after).  The 40 designs were on stage by 17 models…. Read more »

Preparation for Fashion Show

                  Adding the regular work, the design from flyer to dress, delivery for the flyer, model audition etc. The theme is celebration of TOKYO 2020, the flyer colors show Olympic 5 rings. One color of it is Green of FURISODE KIMONO. Many questions is “How is made… Read more »

Mother’s Day

                  What is your present for your mother ? The present has been changed day by day. There are filled with many kinds of merchandise in recent market. Otherwise, meal in a restaurant or travel which the parents pay the all expense. My mother born before World War… Read more »

Brush-up myself !

            My 2 profile photos are shown the result of “brush-up myself”. In my present surroundings, many beautiful ladies both of mentally and physically are gathering. The one reason is that my fashion show will be held in November. The models are familiar to famous beauty events. These photos are… Read more »