Month: March 2016

Enjoying a popular play

    I felt the difference of strolling play and present popular play. The play by stroller in ancient Edo era had a sad image but nowadays it is very bright and humorous. What an anachronism ! I visited on the last day the live show of Miyako Wakamaru company whose leader is 36 years old… Read more »

An Encounter to “Genuineness”

     I had seen an artist named Ms. Syoko Takao who is a president of OBI and Kimono maker “Masuya Takao” in Kyoto where is very famous for traditional Japanese craftwork. Her coordination of kimono and obi was refined as my pictures. Her personality was very cozy.  They were mixed up and given “charming” to… Read more »

Thinking on “HINA-MATSURI”(a celebration for girls)

    We celebrate “HINA-MATSURI” on 3rd March for girls to desire happier marriage displaying “HINA” ancient Kimono dolls. The executive producer who has produced TV program “Asa ga kita” (Morning has come, the heroine named Asa has come.) told the device to get popular. The theme is “husband and wife” ”sisters” ”spirit of servant” He emphasized… Read more »