Month: October 2015

Admirer of Japanese Culture

Where is here ? There were many Chinese and Korean on the bridge. A small pleasure boat was thronged with them. It looked sinking ! It was dangerous ! I visited the SHOTIKU-ZA theater in DOTONBORI to admire the Japanese dance by my friend.I would have worn KIMONO when I visit to Japanese cultural event… Read more »

How to express Chrysanthemums

       According to a brain navigator, Mr. FUJITA Takahiro, the blood flow of brain gets well and breaks off stress when you feel big impression to see something beautiful. The brain feels glad to be impressive and lets you grow younger. As I always feel twice impression by seeing beautiful Kimono and remade Kimono dress, people… Read more »

Kimono Remake Dress Flower 2

I am always thinking how I can make you happy. I tried to edit a short movie Two weeks ago and showed it on Facebook. As some people commented about it, I made this new one to introduce how Kimono Remake Dress is fabulous. Do you feel more relax or not ?