Fashion Show 2019, next?


Looking back on the last Nov… it was safe !

Our fashion show for the 10th anniversary dated on Nov.4th 2019 in Osaka.

The theme was the admiration of Japanese KIMONO color through OLYMPIC 5 colors.

It mentioned “CONCEPT ART”, KIMONO (before) and KIMONO DRESS (after).  The 40 designs were on stage by 17 models. Over 40 staff were working well as one team.

The gallery about 180 guests was so impressed the change from the authentic traditional KIMONO to our refined beautiful KIMONO DRESS. At last scene, it was appealed the “hand in hand” relationship of people all over the world.

After the show, the video was edited until last month. It took almost 6 months. OMG !  The several types such as promotion and sales, long and short now exist.

In parallel with this video edition, the next works has been started for the exhibition and fashion show in Paris. But this event will be postponed due to COVID-19. When the next chance will come?

We are fully realized “co-existence and co-prosperity” with the lovely earth.