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Exciting company

I would prefer exciting persons to share the time. How about you ? First of all, I must be a person who can give an attractive time. Therefore, I always gather and select information for enjoying the conversation. “KIMONO re-couture dress” is also bringing the excitement to me as well as to you ! When… Read more »

Fashion Show 2019, next?

Looking back on the last Nov… it was safe ! Our fashion show for the 10th anniversary dated on Nov.4th 2019 in Osaka. The theme was the admiration of Japanese KIMONO color through OLYMPIC 5 colors. It mentioned “CONCEPT ART”, KIMONO (before) and KIMONO DRESS (after).  The 40 designs were on stage by 17 models…. Read more »

Preparation for Fashion Show

                  Adding the regular work, the design from flyer to dress, delivery for the flyer, model audition etc. The theme is celebration of TOKYO 2020, the flyer colors show Olympic 5 rings. One color of it is Green of FURISODE KIMONO. Many questions is “How is made… Read more »

Mother’s Day

                  What is your present for your mother ? The present has been changed day by day. There are filled with many kinds of merchandise in recent market. Otherwise, meal in a restaurant or travel which the parents pay the all expense. My mother born before World War… Read more »

Brush-up myself !

            My 2 profile photos are shown the result of “brush-up myself”. In my present surroundings, many beautiful ladies both of mentally and physically are gathering. The one reason is that my fashion show will be held in November. The models are familiar to famous beauty events. These photos are… Read more »

My favorite in spring 

                  Flower, Cuisine and KIMONO Dress make me very happy and bring back a girl’s heat which is always left in somewhere. This dress was remade from KIMONO Haori jacket. The vivid color can make the face skin lighter. My atelier is located in a good refined… Read more »

Men’s Shirt and Party

                  I joined “talk, talk” on facebook in this morning. Please see my facebook page “Kiyomi Kitagawa” for this. I got up at 6 o’clock for make-up. But my face became dark under the room light. It’ was good not to my face clearly My talking was… Read more »

My favorite KIMONO dress

                     Tomorrow is the Girls’ Festival. We celebrate it showing the bridal event of prince doll and princess doll. Recently, it becomes difficult to do it due to the big space and the time loss setting. The Japanese culture should be existed in the future but be… Read more »

Back to the home

                  The Girls’ Dolls was back to the home after 70 years. I had seen something great and amazing in Museum SEIKADO-BUNKO, Tokyo. My client was donated the full set of dolls. The price is out of our imagination. My remade “KIMONO DRESS” had got some good… Read more »

Harvest in TANGO area

                  Recently, many visitors from abroad are found in Japan. But I cannot find them in TANGO area located north of Kyoto. It is famous for many special spots and products such as Amanohashidate/KONO shrine/MANAI shrine/NARIAI temple/MONJYU temple/hot spring/fresh sea food/matsutake mushroom/chestnut/TANGO Chirimen (Kimono fabric). If you… Read more »