Month: February 2017

Kimono Fabric 1: Nuitori-Omesi

            Nuitori-Omesi was called by which some Shoguns and courtiers had worn Haori (Kimono Jacket)/Hakama(Kimono Trousers) of this fabric. Omesi means “being worn by noble persons”. It is similar Obi (Kimono Belt) but lighter than Obi weaved using gold/silver threads. I have remade this favorite gorgeous and rare fabric to… Read more »

Antique Kimono

       My client had brought a memento Kimono of her mother which had slept in her closet escaping the war. And she put on the remade fashionable skirt and tunic today. This kimono has a characteristic that is some happy motives like crane and pine/bamboo/apricot by symmetry frame printing. As the raw material, expensive silkworm… Read more »