Month: September 2015

Celebration for full moon in Autumn

Celebration for Full Moon in Autumn brought from China by KENTOUSI which was a mission to “Tou” country in Heian period.  The aristocracy in Heian period enjoyed to admire the full moon on water. KATSURARIKYU in Kyoto is a famous residence for this special matter. In the latter term of Edo, the people habitually expressed to thanks the… Read more »

Memento of Mother

  My voice trainer, Ms. Kana Takayama held the celebrated live for CD release last week. I lent to her a white FURISODE remake cocktail dress which is suitable for playing piano and singing together. The motif is very good at the celebration. I selected two remake cloths for myself in the dinner live and lunch live… Read more »

2015 Good Aging Award in Osaka

Congratulations !  Ms. Tokiko Kato who is a famous popular singer song writer was awarded Good Aging Prize in 2015. While she was busy, she did attend and sing a song “A million of Rose”. Before the starting stage, she allowed to see me for short time. I didn’t bring any present because it was “a… Read more »

“Seed of Dream” Internet Radio

I have experienced a radio program of “Mensole MOAI”. The theme was “A bridge of Kimono Culture = Remake Kimono” and the inside story of my web site was also talked. The on air time is 8:30~9:00 in the morning on 16th and 23rd September (Japan time) under As image is very important for designer… Read more »