Month: October 2016

My superiors who are keeping their aims

            I introduce my two superiors who are keeping their aims. They are executives of my KIMONO-MIRAI executive committee. Mr. Junichi Nakamura who was the Japanese Ambassador to Belgium. He is an honorary professor of my old school. My fashion show in New York in 2014 was realized by his big efforts. Recently… Read more »

Moon & Sun, and Harvest

                 Dragon God was spinning around the moon to celebrate the removal of MANAI shrine. Next morning, the sunrise was telling us the fresh start of day. My black jacket with family crest was gotten much attention at the ceremony. After that, the special Bento (Japanese food box) filled with harvest… Read more »

STUDY during the day

  The weather was not fine due to typhoon. I made a corsage at “mano” atelier from 1:30pm. The chic color organdie corsage is a trial one and I will make some artificial ones using kimono fabrics on next time. This can be coordinated with the aqua blue color dress reformed from KOMON kimono. This dress… Read more »