Month: July 2017

Summer in Japan

          Yukata, one of Kimono, is worn in mid-summer. The fabric is cotton 100% and people originally wear it after taking bath. Nowadays, women put it with some kinds of accessories such as neckless, earing, bracelet, and ankle-let. Yukata is a long one-piece dress for them. There is any Japanese spirit ?… Read more »

Red Dress

             There are many parties recently. The main theme is “Beauty, Health, Culture and Information”. Japanese women have continuously brushed up themselves. They are high level in the world. Some of the parties indicate the dress cord such as color. The guests try to be perfect. It works to the mood… Read more »

Kimono Fabric “SHIBORI”

              “SHIBORI” is one of dye technique for Kimono. It takes incredibly long time to be a Kimono. It means gorgeous looking and expensive price. Therefore, it is very famous in the world. Let’s introduce how to make basic “SHIBORI” in a work-shop on some photos, tie a fabric… Read more »