Challenge to Designing of Kimono Dress  I’d put on this remade KIMONO DRESS !







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Customers’ Voice

I have really enjoyed remade KIMONO DRESS of Kiyomi.

Kimono is already unsuitable to our westernized lifestyle. But Kimono fabrics become one of the respective art in the world.
As I will create PRE-TA-PORTE (ready-made) clothes, please send a mail on contact page telling your impression or which one you are interested in.
I appreciate for your cooperation very much !

Our clients who understand how Kimono is excellent have requested me to remake from Kimono to western style clothes.
What I feel very glad and the honor are more than I deserve.
I exist as a bridge between Kimono and western clothes.
My responsibility is to give them exciting satisfaction.
My creation is more refined and suitable to their lifestyle than Kimono.

<strong> PH-1064</strong><br />60’s --- Housewife *Pleasure: Admiring plays/Travelling/Gourmet/Shopping  *Request: Simple/Looks younger/Easy coordination  *Comment: Black formal (except photos) is very useful. Only one in the world ! <strong> PH-1065</strong><br />60’s--- Instructor for classic ballet  *Pleasure: Admiring classic scent/Gourmet  *Request: Charming/Looks younger/Noble appearance  *Comment: The cost is not expensive by wearing it many times. <strong> PH-1066</strong><br />60’s--- Poet (Japanese classic poem by 17 letters)  *Pleasure: Travelling/Admiring classic scent/Gourmet  *Episode: When we went to a restaurant in Kyoto, an owner of boutique admired our clothes on the street. How refined designs I’ve never seen ! <strong> PH-1067</strong><br />60’s--- Accounting in her husband’s office   *Pleasure: Travelling/Gourmet/Handicraft  *Request: Looks slender/Noble appearance Evening dresses for next sea trip. Something covered her shoulder.  *Comment: Old Kimono was well reborn ! <strong> PH-1068</strong><br />60’s--- Accounting in her husband’s office  *Pleasure: Travelling/Gourmet/Shopping  *Design: Looks slender/Noble appearance  *Request: This couple who love Kimono use my Women’s and Men’s works when they stay in some membership hotels. <strong> PH-1069</strong><br />60’s --- Housewife  *Pleasure:Calligraphy/Walking/Travelling  *Design: Looks slender/Easy coordination  *Request: Pile of Kimono as bride’s outfit. Many gaudy Kimonos can’t be worn.  *Comment: I love KIMONO DRESS as necessities. They make me younger. <strong> PH-1070</strong><br />70’s---Housewife/Fastidiousness to all things.  *Pleasure: Gourmet/Travelling (past time)  *Design: Looks younger/Easy coordination  *Comment: All Kimonos created by an artist.I love KIMONO DRESS when I visit some famous restaurant. The audience admires, How fashionable with high quality ! <strong> PH-1071</strong><br />60’s/20’s --- Housewife  *Design: Noble appearance /Easy coordination  *Request: Pile of Kimono from her mother. The expensive Kimono can’t be worn for herself and her daughter.  *Comment: We wear them for special and daily occasion. It is more convenient and worthy than Kimono. <strong> PH-1072</strong><br />80’s --- Musician (jazz trumpeter)  *Design: Men’s stage costume  *Request: Remake from his wife’s memento.  *Comment: I am so moved that the shirt and reversible vest show good layout of motif.They are very stylish and completely different from the orthodox Kimono. <strong> PH-1073</strong><br />80’s --- Owner of a Japanese restaurant  *Request: Her Kimono collection made by artists had very special layouts of motives. My creation should be unique.  *Comment: I prefer KIMONO DRESS now.“Kiyomi’s works are matching to New York City! Cheers !”