Month: November 2017

Reward for the Fashion Show

                  I took a part of a seminar, the manners of Japanese cuisine for which you can brush up yourself” at a famous traditional Japanese restaurant “KIKUNOI” in Kyoto. One of the reason was the thanks to the president of KIKUNOI who did lecture about “WASHOKU World Heritage”… Read more »

Fashion Show of Remade KIMONO

                My new collection was released at Garden City Club Osaka by KIMONO MIRAI Executive Committee in 12th November. The 88 guests had attended to support to our aim which KIMONO fabric is brought the world peace. This event had created a great sensation. The theme “Japanese relay” means… Read more »

Pure Black Dress

          I have many questions how is the remade design from KIMONO. As KIMONO fabric has limited width and length, and remade dress from KIMONO has more limitation. It looks like a jigsaw puzzle. I like this designing because of active brain. When I see a KIMONO, my design can cross… Read more »

Something Delicious

            I had visited a party in Kobe with my remade KIMONO square dresses. There were many beautiful women in gorgeous rooms. Some of the guests did wear my dresses like a fashion model. We enjoyed the delicious food, Chinese and Sushi. All atmosphere was international. But the most delicious… Read more »